Every Student, Every Day Coalition



Our Vision 

A public education system in which every child is in school every day, gaining the skills necessary to become a successful adult. 

Our Mission 

To promote social, economic, and racial justice, the Coalition advocates for policies and programs that increase school attendance, enhance school engagement, promote student achievement, and decrease the District’s reliance on suspension, expulsion, and school-based arrest. 

Our Work 

Our organizing efforts engage communities affected by school disengagement, educate them about systematic trends, and empower them to advocate for reform through a variety of channels. Our policy and legislative efforts include conducting research on the school-to-prison pipeline and working directly with policymakers and administrators to craft evidence-based policies that maximize students’ potential for success. 

Who We Are 

A coalition of advocacy organizations, researchers, service providers, and individuals engaged in a variety of issue areas, including education, juvenile justice, child welfare, youth empowerment, special education, and civil rights. Members include:

Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc.

Children's Law Center

The DC Alliance for Restorative Practices

DC Lawyers for Youth

Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council

Racial Justice Initiative of TimeBanks USA

Took-Crowell Institute for At-Risk Youth

Homeless Children's Playtime Project

Advancement Project 

Read our report District Discipline: The Overuse of Suspension and Expulsion in the District of Columbia.   

Read the Every Student, Every Day Policy Platform.

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