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About Stand for Youth Justice Day 2016

Stand for Youth Justice Day is a one-day, blitz giving event to raise money to support DC Lawyers for Youth and our mission to make the District's youth justice system the smallest and best juvenile justice system in the country. Your participation will have a immediate effect on DCLY's ability to accomplish this mission. 

Help us meet our goal of raising $20,000 in 24 hours! Your donation of as little as $10 will support DCLY and improve the chances of success for young people in Washington D.C.’s juvenile justice system!

Why Now

This June there is an unprecedented opportunity for significant change in the District's juvenile justice system when the DC Council starts looking at approving a juvenile justice reform bill, the Comprehensive Youth Justice Amendment Act of 2016.  The bill will remove children from adult jails, end mandatory minimum sentences, and ban the use of solitary confinement all of which have been proven to do more harm to society than good. It will also set up restorative justice programs that will allow young people to take real responsibility for their mistakes. This bill is coming up for a hearing on June 2, 2016 and will help make the District's system a model for the rest of the country.

How to Help

You can support DCLY in these easy ways:

  1. Please donate now to DCLY → donatenow.png

  2. Post on social media or send a short email to your friends letting them know that you donated to DCLY and asking them to support our organization by making a donation.

  3. Follow DC Lawyers for Youth on Twitter  and Facebook and retweet and share our messages about Stand for Youth Justice Day to your followers and friends.

  4. Come join us tonight for the Stand for Youth Justice Day Happy Hour at Local 16 (1602 U St NW) from 6-9pm to celebrate the difference your generosity made on Stand for Youth Justice Day with our board, allies and friends. Click here for more information on the DCLY Happy Hour!

Where Your Money Goes

Click on an Amount to Donate:

$25 - Provides capacity for one tweet to organize activists on the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill


$50 - Supports a writer for an op-ed piece to be placed in the Washington Post about the successes of the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill

$75 - Provides support for a social media blast to organize allies to pack City Hall on the day of the hearing

$100 - Sponsors an advocacy training for allied organizations, to increase voices speaking out for the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill


Your donation will have a direct impact on the lives of District Youth. It will help DCLY fight to keep young people in school every dayto keep them out of adult jails, and to give them a chance to learn from their mistakes

About DC Lawyers for Youth

DCLY is an action tank that aims at improving the DC juvenile justice system and creating a better city for youth in the District.

Our mission and our work can be distilled down to one simple principle: we want the District’s juvenile justice system to be the smallest and best system possible.

The “smallest” system means that our youth justice system should be an intervention only for those young people for whom it is appropriate. The District should have multiple ways to “shut the front door” to the system and to divert young people from going further into the system. 

By “best” we mean that our youth justice system should have features and services that return youth to their communities better off than when they came into contact with the system. This also means that our youth justice system should take into account research on how young people develop in determining what interventions we will employ to keep them on track and our communities safe.

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